M4D Logo 2019

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Our Vision

To make a positive and powerful difference to the lives of children and young people.

Our Mission

To offer training and opportunities within a safe, caring and positive environment where self-confidence and self-belief is nurtured.

To enable each child to grow, develop and succeed in achieving their goals and dreams.

To empower young people to make the right choices for their lives by giving them a greater sense of value and purpose.

Our Values



We are a tight community which is built on love, acceptance and respect. We have a genuine sense of belonging together while recognising the beauty in our uniqueness and individualism.



We train and develop the student from within because without a belief in who they are and what they can achieve, their success will always be stunted. Nurturing confidence and instilling in them a sense of value, is extremely important to us.



We make sure that each and every student is receiving the care and training that enables them to constantly learn and grow. We offer many experiences and opportunities that challenge and enable them to always keep developing.



Our training is to the highest standard and we aim to inspire our students to work hard and remain determined to always give their best. We want them to succeed in achieving their dreams and not be scared of failing.



Our ultimate mission is to empower young people to make choices that are right for them so they can lead a life they can be proud of. Self-worth, a sense of purpose and self- belief are the most important characteristics of a fulfilled and happy person.