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Groove Child

This refreshing syllabus offers something new and exciting for children. Groove Child dance is led by theme and emotion, allowing young people and children a great space to express themselves. The syllabus has directed improvisation elements mixed with themed choreography. It is an excellent chance to get your children into dance, offers an outlet through music and movement and grows their self-esteem and confidence.

Musical Theatre

Music, spoken dialogue, dance and songs all combine to make musical theatre. Children and young people can really thrive when they are involved in musical theatre as it allows them to develop not only dance and performance skills, but gives them such confidence and value. The form of theatrical performance allows a story to be told to the audience and is a great project for young people to get involved.

Acrobatic Arts

Acro blends together gymnastics with dance. Precision acrobatic elements and classical dance form this unique and athletic dance. It is gaining in popularity, is full of high-energy movements, and offers something strong and different in the genres of dance. Acro is also known as acrobatic dance and gymnastic dance, due to the elements of both within the routines and within performance. It is physically challenging, as it requires skill in both areas.


This is a style that originates from various genres becoming a very expressive dance. Fluid dance movements allow dancers a creative outlet, combining both the body and mind. Through contemporary dance, you can tell an emotive story to an audience through strong leg movements, floor work and improvisation characteristics of modern dance. There various styles or techniques that come under the umbrella term of contemporary include Graham, Cunningham and Horten.

Modern – ISTD syllabus

Originating from America, ISTD Modern dance is a rhythmic style dance which includes other styles of dance such as contemporary and jazz. It involves high kicks, travelling steps, leaps and turns. The dance style is full of high energy and requires flexibility. This style of dance is vibrant and elegant, it allows our students to express themselves and grow with confidence.

Tap – ISTD syllabus

The sound of tap shoes striking the floor creates the recognisable characteristic of tap dance. Tap dance is such a rhythmic form of dance, allowing dancers to listen, respond and move to the music, which their shoes are making. Tap dance is great at teaching timing, has great rhythm to it and is full of high energy.


Ballet acts as a substantial foundation to most other dance techniques and significantly aids in core strength, good posture and increased flexibility. It enables a dancer to be more versatile and is especially important to anyone wanting to develop a career in dance.

Street Dance

This is a very popular style of dance especially amongst young people as it encourages individualism, it’s interactive, fun and uses music which they like and can relate to. Street dance originated from outside of traditional dance studios. Within street dance, there is a variety of different style characteristics such as funk, break dancing and hip-hop. There has been a renewed hype increase due to the popularity of Diversity in Britain’s Got Talent in 2009. Street Dance is full of high-energy movements.