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Performances - Shows

Mad4Dance produce their own shows biannually and ALL students are invited to take part. Taking part in the shows not only develops their ability as dancers but also gives each student a massive boost in their self esteem, sense of achievement and inspires them to continue to work hard on their training.

One World (2015)

One World is our latest show celebrating 10 years of Mad4Dance. One World is about recognising the beauty and diversity of the different cultures around the world. It’s also about reaching out, uniting and helping those who have much less than us.

My Dance My Life (2013)

This was a show about aspects of life and issues that are important to young people today. One of the main issues we dealt with was bullying and the damaging effect this has on many young people.


Dreaming Dreams (2011)

This show was about the hopes and dreams of the students themselves.  The intention was to not only reflect what young people dream about but to also emphasise how important it is to have dreams.

Dreaming is the fuel for ambition, determination and success. Dreaming is not what you do when you’re asleep, it’s what you do when your most alive.

Just Dance - (2009)

This show was about the journey from childhood, with all it’s innocence, fun and freedom, to young adulthood, when falling in love for the first time brings a bitter sweer realisation of what life is really about. Dance is our inner driving force giving strength and confidence to go on, to learn and live life to it’s fullest. in the end all you really need, is to Just Dance.