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Mad4Dance produce their own shows biannually and ALL students are invited to take part. Taking part in the shows not only develops their ability as dancers but also gives each student a massive boost in their self esteem, sense of achievement and inspires them to continue to work hard on their training.

This is Me - 2019

Using songs from the greatest musicals old and new this show takes you on a magical journey.  It tells you a story and shows you who we truly we are because "when I dance you see the real me!"


this is me

Light - 2017

An original story told through dance and drama.

The smallest of light held in the hands of hope, given in love, destroys the greatest darkness.



One World - 2015

One World is our latest show celebrating 10 years of Mad4Dance. One World is about recognising the beauty and diversity of the different cultures around the world. It’s also about reaching out, uniting and helping those who have much less than us.